Become a Trustee

Are you the special Trustee Friends of Airedale are looking for?

Are you a member of the local community who would like to contribute to a great cause? Being a Trustee is one of the most powerful ways in which you can help Friends of Airedale. As a Trustee, you play an integral part in the good governance, not only ensuring that the charity remains viable and sustainable but also ensuring that it adheres closely to its mission and works in the interests of its beneficiaries, the patients. It is incredibly rewarding and worthwhile.

What do Trustees do? Trustee meetings are held at least 4 times a year. At every meeting, the Trustees review the status of the charity finances and any requests for funding. In addition, the Trustees review the plans for, risks and issues facing the charity and how they will be addressed. Trustees contribute their particular skills to the charity by working on particular issues or projects between meetings depending on the amount of additional time they can commit. If you have a specialist skill such as retail, IT or legal knowledge that would be particularly useful.

Trusteeship is a fantastic way of developing your critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. Working? Employers are taking voluntary and community enriching activities much more seriously with trusteeship considered one of the most effective methods of professional development. Retired? Trusteeship helps keep you active within a great social environment putting back into the community.

Whilst Trustees are unpaid, expenses can be claimed.

For more information, contact the Voluntary Services Manager, Gurmit Jauhal on or 01535 295316

The fun and rewarding part of being a Trustee - our President, Eileen Proud, meeting Alistair Brownlee at the opening of the new Acute Assessment Unit and seeing how our £60,000 donation was used to improve the patient experience

Our Chairman, John Lofthouse, who also volunteers at the hospital as a guide. Please note that you do not have to be a volunteer at the hospital to become a Trustee. You can contribute to our charity in many different ways, being a Trustee is one