Meet our Trustees


John Lofthouse

Chairman – Guide Section Leader

John joined the Trustees of Friends of Airedale in 2012 and heads up the Guides Division based in the Outpatients  Department. (So if you are ever lost give him a shout!) John enjoys helping to oversee that the funds raised by the Friends of Airedale are used to purchase equipment and items for the well-being and comfort of patients at the hospital.  During his 46 year working life John held two jobs spanning all those years and is happy to have been a key figure in the installation of the largest Timber Treatment Plant in the world in 2001. Immensely family orientated John’s world was complete with the birth of his first grandchild in 2008, which he advises was one of his proudest moments.  Now when it comes to keeping things in the family - believe it or not the car that John’s grandfather drove whilst employed as a chauffeur in 1933 was the actual Rolls Royce used for John’s youngest son’s wedding!

Enjoying travel John was thrilled visiting the Matterhorn in Switzerland in 2017 which was a present for a special birthday and whilst on the subject of travel if John could turn back the clock he’d go for a flight on Concord.


Eileen Proud


Eileen joined the Friends of Airedale over 35 years ago and has been an active, enthusiastic Trustee for the last, dare I say quarter of a century. Eileen has a firm belief in the charity and the many benefits that are provided to the hospital by it. She ensures that activities work seamlessly to add to a positive patient experience. She is a regular visitor to all departments across the hospital including the Chief Executive, keeping in tune with what is going on at the front line! Together with husband Harry, Eileen raised 4 sons and still found the time and energy to work at Airedale for 28 years, ending with her retirement from the position of Patient Services Manager. Now with 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren Eileen is a very energetic member of the Friends of Airedale Team and is looking positively, as she always does to becoming an octogenarian. With a visit to a Buckingham Palace garden party, accompanied by Harry under her belt, what will be next for our industrious President?

The whispers around the hospital corridors suggest that not being one to stand still for long, one of Eileen’s ambitions is to drive a fast car around Brands Hatch!


Alison Dixon

Trustee – Shop Co-ordinator

Alison became a Trustee 10 years ago and has been a member of Friends of Airedale since 2001. She enjoys being part of a positive group of likeminded people volunteering for the benefit of the hospital.  She has had a varied working life and even enjoyed a site visit to the Millennium Dome during the construction stage, seeing double decker buses providing transport for workers around the building.

Although she has to say that the highlight of her working life was the day that she retired! Family life revolves around her nephews and nieces and there have been a few fussy eaters cured with Alison’s wonderful cooking. Traveling both in the UK and abroad is one of Alison’s favourite pastimes and she counts flying close to Mount Everest as one of life’s unforgettable moments.

An admirer of David Attenborough the eminent natural historian Alison’s ambition is to meet him and explore a part of the amazon rainforest with him as her guide.


Richard Bateman

Trustee – Guide and Official Photographer

Richard has been a member of Friends of Airedale for over three years and a Trustee since 2018. Richard enjoys helping as a guide and sees his involvement in the charity as a positive contribution to a very worthwhile cause. Hopefully Richard shouldn’t get lost and may know some shortcuts - he was a manager in the Estates Team at Airedale before retiring!

Married for over forty years he has realised that now he has a grandson in Australia his wife really does intend that they visit every year and his hopes of visiting Norway and Sweden will have to wait.

As a keen photographer Richard has happily taken on the role of Official Photographer for the Charity and although he prefers taking award winning wildlife photos we thinks he’s doing fine.

When asked what was on his bucket list Richard eagerly replied to see a golden eagle and get better at photography. Richard is currently hoping that a trip to the Isle of Mull could be on the agenda where he could indulge his love of both wildlife and photography.


Jan Turner


Jan joined the Friends of Airedale Board of Trustees in 2021 at a point in her career when she was looking to ‘wind down and put back’ – and she’s absolutely delighted to have been able to join such an awesome and dedicated team of volunteers and Trustees at her local hospital.

After a career spent in journalism (covering everything from a Royal wedding to the Hillsborough disaster) and PR (she now knows an awful lot about beds!), Jan is enjoying the opportunity to spend more time with her three grandchildren, see more of Britain (just done the Scotland NC 500 in a camper van) as well as catch up with old friends, take gentle strolls and throw a few shapes in a weekly Pilates class. An enthusiastic member of The Skipton Choir (singing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order) and a keen reader, Jan can sometimes also be spotted riding pillion through the Dales on partner Steve’s Harley Davidson.

Still on her bucket list? To visit Auschwitz.



Trustee – Saturday Social & Clothes for Dignity

Carole joined the Friends of Airedale in 1999 and became a Trustee in 2015. A bubbly extrovert Carole heads up the Saturday Social and Clothes for Dignity sections escorted as always by her husband of 51 years Bob.

A local Cobbydale girl Carole entered the family hairdressing business after leaving school and soon took over the reins. Only pausing slightly, to take motherhood and later the role of Grandma in her stride.  Now an enthusiastic line dancer Carole is keen to learn Spanish to help during her winter holidays with Bob in the sun. Once comfortable on her sunbed she is keen to read and keep up with the latest crime thrillers on offer.

Romance is at the heart of Bob and Carole’s marriage and Bob proposed on a date to the dentist  - asking on the way in to make sure Carole could give him the answer!


Janet Airdrie


Janet has been a member of Friends of Airedale since February 2018 and a Trustee since the beginning of 2020, working both in the Friends Shop and assisting in the office. 

Airedale Hospital has been a huge part of Janet’s life since 1974 when she moved into the area from Glasgow with her husband. Once settled into her new home Janet came to work at Airedale in the pharmacy department - and stayed until she retired! Airedale became part of family life as Janet’s late husband also worked at Airedale for over 22 years as a porter.

Football became the family hobby as her son played for Bradford City until the age of 18 and then played for local teams in the area. Janet is still involved with Steeton football club and is a regular helper with the youth teams. The football tradition has continued with Janet’s grandson and granddaughter playing for local clubs.

When asked what was on her bucket list Janet reeled a list off in her lovely soft Scottish accent – which included to see the Northern Lights, go on a cruise, see Strictly Come Dancing at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool and to go to a George Ezra concert.

If you visit the shop say hello to Janet. You’ll know who she is as her soft Scottish accent is still evident!


Sue Ingham


Sue has been a member of Friends of Airedale initially from 1999 - 2002 working in one of the shops in an evening, in 2010 she joined the Guides and recently at our AGM received her 10 year service award in November of this year and she joined the board of trustees.

Volunteering as a Guide in the Outpatients Department Sue enjoys meeting people and being that friendly face getting them to where they need to go when coming to hospital for a procedure or to see a relative having a hard time.

With a background in education Sue still gets friendly reminders of her years teaching when past pupils stop by the Guides desk to say hello and still call her Miss!”

After taking early retirement and with encouragement from her daughter Sue has adopted the motto that “you get more that you give” and enjoys helping in her community as well as the hospital and was instrumental in the success of the local music festival Fallfest based in Glusburn - which she readily admits was a total change from her previous life.

Should you visit the hospital look out for the team of friendly faces at the Guides desk - always happy to help.