2019 Donations

Here is information on many of our donations in 2019. It is not a complete list as we do not have a picture for every donation. The full list of donations in any financial year can be found in our annual report.

New seating for main entrance cafe


We recently organised and funded the refurbishment of the seating area for The Friendly Café and shop in the Main Entrance of Airedale Hospital.

Friends are grateful for assistance from AGH Solutions who repaired the floor and repainted the area. Special thanks to Project Manager Richard Burgin.

The area was officially opened by Brendan Brown, Chief Executive of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and Hazel Rushforth. Hazel is the longest serving volunteer within Friends of Airedale with over 43 years of volunteer service.



20 new nebulisers for Pharmacy department to help with the treatment of lung diseases in patients' own homes.

Baby Scanner probe


A new holder for the probe for Radiology Ultrasound which is used to scan babies to detect any hip abnormalities. It makes it easier and quicker for the sonographers to do the scanning and helps them get the clearest, most accurate images.

Physiopod machine for Lymphoedema patients


The Physiopod machine helps patients recovering from cancer. It uses vibrations to soften tissue which has swelled and hardened due to lymphoedema caused by cancer treatments.

Helen Davidson, lymphoedema lead nurse specialist at the hospital, said: “This piece of equipment allows us to offer blocks of treatment to patients to reduce fibrosis, the thickening and scarring of connective tissue.The method used by the Physiopod machine is gentle, non-invasive and even relaxing – and gives much quicker results than manual massage. The feedback we’ve had from patients so far has been incredibly positive. It’s making a real difference to their quality of life.”

Vehicles for the transport service


In the summer of 2019 we purchased two new vehicles for the hopsital transport service operated with our volunteer drivers. This means continued help with transporting patients to various destinations for their appointments.

This is a free service for those patients who do not have a car and are unable to use public transport or do not have access to it

Specialist chairs for Stroke Unit


Three specially designed wheelchairs for the stroke unit to give patients more freedom after their stroke.The chairs are specially designed to give maximum comfort and vital postural support for people who have just had strokes that don’t have sitting balance.

Pam Beaumont, Stroke Specialist Nurse, explains: “Our patients who have just had a large stroke lose their ability to sit up straight and will need assisted sitting. We do have some static stroke chairs on the ward but these new chairs allow people to get off the ward and go outside into the gardens or to go to the coffee shop. They just give them that mobility back that can be really important to the patients and their relatives and for their emotional health. They make such a difference to people. If you see the family come onto the ward and they see their relative sat out for the first time after their stroke, their faces just light up and for them to be able to take them off the ward and spend some time with them it’s wonderful.

Extra Heart Monitor for stroke patients

A 4th heart monitor for stroke patients. The pocket sized device checks for a heart condition called Atrial fibrillation (AF), which is often found in patients who have a stroke. A person with AF is five times more likely to have a stroke than someone without the condition and research shows that 3 out of 4 strokes could have been prevented if AF had been detected. By using the monitors the stroke team are now detecting a third of their patients with AF.

Pam Beaumont Stroke Clinical Nurse Specialist at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust says: “You are stopping lots of big strokes by having this simple monitor on. Previously we had to use monitors from the cardiac team which could involve a wait of a few weeks but by using these we can get patients on the medication straight away. ”

Labour Ward reclining chairs


Three new reclining chairs to help parents get optimum skin-to-skin contact with their new born babies. The chairs have been proven to help promote kangaroo care and help parents feel as comfortable and confident as possible when holding their little ones.

Neonatal Nurse at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Kelly Rae says: "Parents being able to cuddle their babies and have lots of skin-to-skin time is so important for both them and their baby, for lots of different reasons. The chairs we used to have before were very hard and upright which were quite uncomfortable, especially for a mum who has just given birth. "The new recliner chairs mean that premature and poorly babies can have much longer cuddles with their parents. So many families are going to benefit from these chairs in the future."

Acapella Choice devices


Another of our donations this year was a supply of 20 Acapella Choice devices for the cardiorespiratory physiotherapy service at Airedale Hospital NHSFT

The Acapella Choice devices are an important piece of equipment used by many patients to effectively manage their long term respiratory conditions by facilitating the opening of airways. It can reduce the amount of time patients have to spend on their chest maintenance and as they can do their chest maintenance at a time that suits them without assistance, it can improve their quality of life.

TV for Ward 20


We donated a new television to ward 20. It is now in the day room and will be used by patients undergoing small treatments or waiting to be discharged - a great distraction for those feeling anxious or unwell. Here are staff nurses Gavin and Vicky modelling it for you!.

Standing Aids


We donated five new standing aids to help our patients be more mobile and independent and be moved safely by the team caring for them.

These aids are for patients that have a lack of mobility but have more independence and so don’t need a hoist. Some patients might be able to stand but don’t have long standing balance. One advantage of these new stands is that they have a fold down seat behind it so it acts as a perching stool while the patient is being transferred out of bed and into the chair. It gives a lot more independence back to the patient.

Neoblue Phototherapy Unit


We want to say a huge thank you to Jon Warrick and his wife Santa Cordero, who along with our ward 21 manager Caroline Lowe, her husband Andrew, his employer Natwest and ourselves, all contributed together to provide a new NeoBLUE phototherapy unit for our maternity unit.

The unit is used on newborn babies with jaundice. The baby is laid under a halogen or fluorescent lamp with their eyes covered and through a process called photo-oxidation it makes it easier for the baby’s liver to break down and remove the bilirubin from their blood.

Jon and his wife Santa sadly lost their baby when she was stillborn at the hospital and when they were married in July 2017 they asked for donations instead of presents - they raised a fantastic £1875 for the equipment in the name of their baby, Francesca Cordero-Warrick.

Ward manager Caroline and husband Andrew ran their first half marathon whilst on holiday in California and raised over £450 and Caroline’s husband’s employer, NatWest, kindly donated another £250 under their Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

The Friends of Airedale gladly donated the remaining £1760 of the total cost of £4350.

And everyone was able to see the unit in use as 2 day old Donovan Shannon-O’Keeffe was receiving treatment from it.