Please vote for us for Movement for Good Award

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Please vote for us to help get a £1000 Ecclesiastical Movement for Good award. The 500 charities with the most votes will be awarded one. It closes on 24th May. You can only vote once but if you prefer can also vote for the Airedale Hospital Community Charity If we can get enough votes we can get two awards.

It is very quick and simple to vote. Click here Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Award and quote our official charity registration number 503652. Click on the search icon and the screen should then show Friends of Airedale Hospital. Fill in the rest of the form and press Submit. The screen will glaze over and show a message thank you for your nomination. You’ve finished!

One email address, one vote. Subsequent votes using the same email address will be discarded by the website. However, members of your household with different addresses can each vote.

The Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, charity number is 1050730. They also support the work of the Trust in similar ways to Friends of Airedale but also fund a) items to benefit staff, b) staff training where not funded by the NHS and c) research projects

Thank you for your support.