Volunteer FAQs

Why do people choose volunteering?

People volunteer for a number of reasons including:-

- To meet new people and make new friends

- To keep busy and do something rewarding and useful

- To give something back

- To help with recovery after illness or bereavement

- To learn new skills or gain experience in a healthcare setting

- To take a first step towards preparation for employment

- To help gain entry into university or college

Who can apply to be a volunteer?

People aged 16 and over can apply to be a volunteer. There is no upper limit. We welcome people with disabilities and those from all culture and backgrounds.

Do volunteers threaten the jobs of paid staff?

No. Volunteers are doing different work from that of paid staff and are not used to cover any staff shortages.

Are volunteer activities insured?

Yes, all registered volunteers are insured for the work they do as volunteers.

Will I get paid for voluntary work?

No. There is no payment for voluntary work.

Can I claim for travelling expenses?

Yes, travelling expenses are refunded. If you are traveling by bus, your bus fares will be refunded, and if you drive your cost of fuel is refunded (per mile).

Do volunteers pay to park at Airedale General Hospital?

Volunteers can reclaim the cost of parking as part of their expenses. If you are a frequent volunteer then we can issue you with a free parking permit.

I have a full time job. Can I volunteer in the evening or at the weekends?

Yes, we welcome volunteers who can help in the evenings and weekends such as helping in the shop and café in Main Entrance at the hospital. Communications activities such as posting on social media and fundraising activities in the community can be done out of normal office hours or often occur at weekends. Other roles are limited to Monday to Friday shifts.

When can I start?

The screening process for new volunteers takes six to eight weeks to complete.

Do I have to come for an interview and what will it involve?

Yes, all applicants are required to attend for an interview. The interview is very informal and gives us the chance to get to know you a little bit better. It will also give you the chance to get to know us and to ask any questions about volunteering. You will be able to discuss the various volunteer roles and we will help you decide what you would like to do.